Ian Thwaites Photography: Blog https://www.ianthwaites.com/blog en-us (C) Ian Thwaites [email protected] (Ian Thwaites Photography) Fri, 11 Aug 2023 12:38:00 GMT Fri, 11 Aug 2023 12:38:00 GMT https://www.ianthwaites.com/img/s/v-12/u818735864-o1045153244-50.jpg Ian Thwaites Photography: Blog https://www.ianthwaites.com/blog 90 120 Last year was busy but this year will be fun https://www.ianthwaites.com/blog/2015/4/last-year-was-busy-but-this-year-will-be-fun For the last year I have been balancing my plant and garden photography with a full time role in IT consultancy.  It was a busy year with office work occupying most of my time whereas this year I have made the decision to migrate to full time plant and garden photography.  I'm not quite there yet as I am still doing two days a week IT work but that should draw to a close late spring. 

In the mean time I am trying to catch up with with some outstanding editing and making some magazine image submissions.  Its all exciting stuff but I am still indoors.  Today its not an issue as the weather this morning was rather windy which is not ideal for plant photographers but I have to get out soon to enjoy some wonderful gardens.  

In addition to photographing plants I am an enthusiastic gardener and have been enjoying some time in local nurseries and my favourite purchase of the year so far is a beautiful Anemone coronaria Harmony Blue.

P2150151P2150151Anemone coronaria Harmony Blue As the year continues it is my intention to keep you up to date with my activities and more importantly what I have discovered and photographed.

I am always pleased to get feedback on my website whether good or bad.

Chat later


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Wow what a year https://www.ianthwaites.com/blog/2014/1/wow-what-a-year Wow wow wow, where do I start, 2013 was a wonderful year for me.  It started so well winning an award for portfolio of 6 images in the "International Garden Photographer of the Year" competition.

I continued to supply image to Liz Eddison at the Garden Collection and my success rate continues to increase :-)  A big thank you to Liz and Adam for their continued support and encouragement.

In March I went on my annual pilgrimage with fellow Cactus enthusiasts to several Cactus and Succulent Nurseries across Europe.  A great time was had, several new specimens added to my collection and many new images taken.



May became a very busy month for me and started with my Press pass to the Malvern Spring Show.  Despite the wind on the opening day I managed to get some splendid images  of the gardens and plant portraits in the floral Marquee.

Later in the month I was at the Chelsea flower show, again with a press pass and captured some wonderful images albeit a 4am start in the morning to get to the show by 5AM.  At this show I took some of my most popular images.  In fact my best selling image is:-

More plant and garden shoots and the Tatton Show through the summer followed by a fabulous holiday in Cornwall with wall to wall blue sky and a private swimming pool - bliss.  Some lovely costal shots were taken whilst enjoying the best of British.

Perhaps the highlight of the year was being accepted as a member of the Garden Media Guild and a member of the Professional Garden Photographers Association and attending the awards ceremony in London in November where I had the privilege to meet many of the greats in the Garden world and perhaps more importantly some of the greatest garden photographers who have been so open and free with their advice and guidance.

All in all it was  great year and my fingers are crossed for an even better 2014.


[email protected] (Ian Thwaites Photography) (Rest . Garden Gold Great Malvern Medal RHS Reposer Roues Show UK. Vos Wheels) winning your https://www.ianthwaites.com/blog/2014/1/wow-what-a-year Mon, 27 Jan 2014 21:44:37 GMT
Welcome to my website https://www.ianthwaites.com/blog/2013/6/welcome-to-my-website So here we are in flaming June and nearing the longest day and yet we don't really seem to be in summer yet.  Spring was really dramatic after the cold spell held everything back allowing for a giant riot of colour as soon as the weather improved.

Its been a busy few months in our household as my two sons are right in the middle of their 'A' levels and GCSE's  Oh how I envy their youth but not all the tests and exams.  The pressure that they are under if far worse than I experienced at school but please don't tell them or let them know that it was easier in my day!


I have had some wonderful photographic opportunities this spring at both the RHS Malvern Spring Show and the world famous Chelsea Flower Show.  I wouldn't be human if I didn't have a favourite and I have to say that the Reposer Vos Roues (Rest your Wheels) Gold Medal winning Garden in Malvern was wonderful. 


At Chelsea I really liked Chris Beardshaw's The Arthritis Research UK Garden with its wonderful rooms and creative planting.  Its no wonder that this garden also won the peoples choice.  Chris is such a nice person I was really thrilled with his achievement.

In the greenhouse all my Cacti and Succulents are doing well.  They are really indifferent to the outside temperature as their central heating keeps them nice and warm.  I have noticed that there has been an increase in flowers this spring the reason for which I really cannot understand.  My Pachypodium namaquanum have all flowered this year including small 6" seedlings. 

I am continuing to add images to the web site and hope that in the next few weeks you will have many more to enjoy.  As always I would welcome any feedback.

Best wishes



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